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How My Cats Benefit Me

Updated: May 11, 2022

“What greater gift than the love of a cat.” ~ Charles Dickens

Some may think, “We don’t own cats, they own us”, while others think, “Cats are just animals, for goodness’ sake!”. Those that think the latter have never been owned by a cat. Cats are animals, BUT a cat’s nature is such that he will be owned by no one!

I like to think of the relationship I have with my Mimi as being guardian and cat (not necessarily in that order). I take care of her, but as she is not a possession and she does NOT owe me anything. As long as I remember this fact, we’ll live in harmony. That being said, I will tell you the benefits all of my cats have brought to me.

For the past 25 years, there has been at least one cat in my household. In that time, I have found cats are needier than people think. If I am writing, there is a 99% chance the cat will try to get my attention, usually by standing on my keyboard.

Every time Monkeyface, who was my first cat, felt neglected, he would get into the toilet paper as a form of protest. Then, when I finally came out of my office, toilet paper would be strewn all over my house, and Monkey would be innocently up at looking me. It was not fun cleaning up, and the expense was outrageous!

That’s when Tiffany Marie came onto the scene. The two cats had fun together. They would chase each other through the house, playing with their toys (usually fighting over who owns them). Because Monkeyface was a 25 pound fur ball who didn’t like confrontation, Tiff, a 10 pound Siamese, usually won. Sometimes Tiff, (my ‘living on the edge cat’), would instigate some shenanigans for which she knew, in the end, Monkey would take the blame. I’d swear, on these occasions, I saw her sit back, snickering, like a bad little kid. So, I had my hands full most of the time, but they stayed off of my keyboard.

The most important benefit, to me, was the companionship my cats bring to me. When I would kick back at night, listening to some soft music, they would sit quietly, just being content to lie beside me and purr away the day’s cares.

When I was ill, they would take turns laying beside me and purr. When I was upset, they would know just what to do. Tiff would come to me and touch her nose to mine, while Monkey just sat there and purred.

There were nights when I would be watching a mystery on the television, and invariably at the part when the killer was stalking the girl (who was wearing 5” heels and trying to run in them) through a darkened house, my cats would chase each other through the room like a flash and scare me to death. Yet still, I love them and I know they love me. But I digress.

It’s thought by some in the medical field that people can often benefit from being a companion to either a cat or a dog in a host of ways. Below are just a few:

Pets can help to lower a person’s cholesterol

Reduce stress, therefore decrease blood pressure

They can even predict seizures and episodes of hypoglycemia

They help a person’s emotional well being. Just petting a cat and hearing it purr calms both you and your cat.

Why, I have even heard of one cat saving his guardian’s life when he detected a carbon dioxide leak in the house. He woke his person and insisted she get out of the house by banging himself against the glass door. In the end, both cat and guardian were safe, and it was all on account of “Super Cat”.

I sure know my life has been enriched by the love my cats bring to me. They make me laugh, they give me solace when I’m feeling blue, and most important of all, they are there when I need a friend. It is for these reasons, I couldn’t live without my cats. Everyone knows, as long as you have the companionship and love of a cat, the rest will come easy.

If you are thinking of adopting a pet, don’t think a dog is the only choice; look into having a cat. Choose wisely when adopting that special pet and make sure they fit your lifestyle.

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