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The Dangers In a Garage

Some pet owners think their furry friends are safe inside a garage. While it may be true that they may be out of the weather and away from predators, they are not safe! Chemicals that can be found in our garages attract our pets. These substances can make our beloved family member fatally ill. To be a responsible guardian, we need to be aware of the dangers in our surroundings and make them safe for our furry friends. Take anti-freeze, for instance.

Anti-freeze can be deadly to our pets because of the chemical, ethylene glycol, which emits a oder they are attracted to. Once they have found the deadly liquid, they are tempted to sample it and they find it is enticingly sweet. Before we know it, we have a very sick pet on our hands.

So, we might think that it would be perfectly safe if the container has the cap on, right? Wrong! A small drip might be enough to attract him to it. A lick or two and we might find us rushing our little darlings to the vet. If our baby found a puddle under a car and drank it, chances are much more likely that the poison substance would kill him.

There is another type of anti-freeze that contains propylene glycol instead of ethylene glycol. They tout this chemical as being completely safe for consumption. While it is safer than its counterpart, it still has its own dangers and should be treated with the same care as anti-freeze, containing ethylene glycol.

Please think before you put your pet in the garage. There are just as many dangers in there that outside.

If you think that your pet might have consumed anti-freeze or any other poison, please contact

Pet Poison Hotline at (855) 764-7661.

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