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How Does Heat Affect Our Pets?

As the temperatures rise during Summer months, we must all be watchful of our furry friends. It's important that we keep our pets indoors with fresh water and cool places for them to hang out. You might even add a few ice cubes in their water. This serves two purposes: to cool the water down, and it gives them something to play with.

I’ve studied heatwaves and how they can affect our precious pets. Just like humans can suffer from heatstroke, cats and dogs can too.

The symptoms to observe are:

1. If your dog is breathing heavily or your cat is open-mouth breathing or panting

2. If the hue of your pets' gums changes to brick-red and blue-purple

3. If they are drooling more than usual

4. If your dog or cat seems sluggish or if they collapse

5. If your dog or cat is experiencing convulsions

If they are experiencing any of these signs, call your vet immediately.

We also need to be mindful of leaving your furry friend in a car. On a day when the temperature is 90 degrees, the inside of a vehicle can reach 138 Fahrenheit! Please do not take your dog or cat out in a car, just to leave him unattended while you do your errands. Think about how you would feel in searing 138 degrees.

To sum up, we should be considerate and affectionate towards our pets. After all, they are part of our family.

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