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Monkeyface AKA Harry the Wonder Cat

When I created the character for Harry the Wonder Cat, I looked no further than my Monkeyface, the first cat I ever had. Twenty-five years ago, Monkey and I met, and it was love at first sight. The big Maine Coon was the gentlest creature I’ve ever known. He was loyal to me and protected me from the people that he considered bad. (Cats are like that... they can smell trouble a mile off.) I, in turn, protected him from everything, from the rustling of a paper bag (he hated paper bags) to the loud claps of thunder in the mountain sky.

Now, I know you’ll think that Harry doesn’t sound at all like Monkeyface, and you would be right when it comes down to fears. After all, Harry isn’t afraid of anything. You must remember, however, Monkeyface didn’t have the powers that Harry has.

Other than being protective of their person, Maine Coons are the largest domestic cat, (the biggest was a cat named Stewie, who grew to be a whopping 48.5 inches. Harry’s 38 inches seem small next to Stewie.

While Harry grew to weigh over 30 pounds, Monkeyface weighed a mere 25 pounds. Maine Coons are known as the Gentle Giants of the cat world, but sometimes Harry uses his size to intimidate enemies.

I chose the Maine Coon breed for Harry the Wonder Cat in memory of my lovable Monkeyface.

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