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Visit the Cat Kingdom

Did you know that Harry the Wonder Cat got his powers from the Cat King? Well, it’s true. Harry had never seen the Cat Kingdom before, and he was amazed when he did. Let’s visit the kingdom.
No one knows where the Cat Kingdom is. The official messenger of the Cat King will escort you there. You simple touch his back, close your eyes and when the official tells you, open them to a brand new world.
The scent is what you notice first. It’s unlike any other you have known in the human realm of existence. It’s indescribable, but if one were to try, it’s a cross of cotton candy, chocolate, and the sweet smell of jasmine.
You will see glitter raining from the sky day and night. The golden substance covers everything, making the whole kingdom sparkle in the sunshine.
The next thing you may notice is the sound of sweet, melodious music. This music won't be heard outside the kingdom.
If you look up to the sky, you’ll see a rainbow shoot an arc over the castle. The colors of the rainbow are brighter than colors are in the human realm.
Speaking of the castle, it has a gatehouse where two cat guards stand tall and salute you as you enter the gates. The courtyard is expansive. There are cats at the castle door.
Once inside, you will find yourself in a magnificent hall surrounded by portraits of the most regal cats that ruled the kingdom hanging on the walls. At the end of the hall is an extraordinary room with a golden, bejeweled throne in it and a red carpet leading up to it. You will find the king here.
Well, that’s it. The Cat Kingdom in a nutshell. We’re happy you came to the magical kingdom of cats.
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