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My Life As Harry the Wonder Cat

Here's a peek at my home life at Harrot Reef Manor. The manor house is a huge yellow Victorian with white gingerbread. It has slippery hardwood floors in some rooms. If I run fast enough and then lean just right, I can slide around the corner into the next room. I love this game because it makes my charge, Nikki, and our roommate, Heather, laugh.
The most important cupboard in the house is “The Magic Cupboard”. This is where my food and treats are kept. All I have to do is sit in front of it and stare at Nikki, and she will feed me. If that doesn’t work, I can always use my magical powers (as long as Heather’s not around)!
In the afternoon, Nikki gets my brush out and calls, “Brush, Harry, brush”. I know then that she will brush my long, luxurious fur and I will trill and purr with contentment. When she is done, I head-butt her hand and rub my cheek against hers.
I can hardly wait until after dinner when I hear Nikki pick up the latest Agatha Christie mystery that we are reading together. She calls me to the living room, where we share the purple chair that is soft and cuddly. The crackling of the fire is soothing as I listen intently to the sound of Nikki’s voice reading just for me.
Well, that’s an average day in my life at Harrot Reef Manor. I hope that you’ll come to visit us soon.

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