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5 Ways to Talk to Your Cat

This beautiful kitten is KeeKee, and she will help to make her lucky guardian happy. As you can see, she is kickin’ back and adoring the photographer. Enough of that. Here we go for the tips:

1. The first thing we need to know is the cat’s “Love Language”. This isn’t very hard. Anyone can do it. Ready for this: it is what they call “The Slow Blink”. Get down to your cat’s level and blink slowly. Do it again and again until he returns that seductive blink.
2. Body Language: we all have body language. You know, like when a person leans towards the speaker, it means that whoever is talking has the full attention of the listener, whereas leaning back with their arms crossed in front of them generally means that the listener doesn’t agree with the speaker. Well, believe it or not, your cat speaks with his own special language. He says volumes using his tail.
3. The way that cats greet other cats is by bumping noses. You can replicate this by, again, crouching down to his level, curling your index finger and slowly reach out and gently touch his nose.
4. Happy times, i.e. dinnertime, playtime, call for a happy voice. Use your high-pitched, sing-song voice.
5. When all else fails, talk to him. Don’t yell... talk. Tell him in a loving but stern voice a one or two word command. For instance, when my cat, who is a 25 pound bruiser and too heavy for me to even pick up, sits on me, he hurts me. I rectify the problem by saying, in a stern voice, “Ow”, and he gets off me in a flash. Now granted, this may not work the first time you try it, but don’t give up.
Cats are smart animals and they catch on fast, as long as you speak their language.

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