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Death By Chowder 

by Donna Walo Clancy

I just finished Death By Chowder, the first book in the Shipwreck Cafe Mysteries by Donna Walo Clancy.

Jay was a big city attorney from Anchor Point, a small town on Cape Cod. After a disturbing case, in which a young girl gets killed, Jay decides to leave the city life and come back home. He buys an old abandoned lighthouse and the four surrounding buildings. Jay lives in the keeper’s cottage with his dog, Stormy, and Robbie, Jay’s brother, lives in one of the other cottages. Rumor has it that the property is haunted, and there is a treasure hidden there. 
Jay doesn’t let that stop him, and he turns one of the buildings into The Shipwreck Cafe. As the construction goes on the ghost, Roland, the lightkeeper, makes himself known. Jay and Roland strike a compromise... Roland will stay out of sight while the restaurant is open, and he is free to roam when everyone is gone.
The Shipwreck Cafe soon becomes a hot spot in town, until the murder of the historical librarian, Bea. Then the mayhem begins. Jay calls on Roland for his help in finding the murderer and bringing him or her to justice.

Ms. Clancy has a wonderful imagination. The writer uses her magic to transport the reader to Anchor Point. The romantic history of the lighthouse entranced me, and I could almost see Roland, Colleen, and the other ghosts. In my eyes, Stormy is a big hit, too!

I gave Death By Chowder 5 stars.

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