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Harry the Wonder Cat Series: Book One

The Legend of the Pink Diamond
The Legend of the Pink Diamond is a fantastical story passed down through generations of Johnsons and well known by the townspeople of Harrot Reef. A pink diamond is one of the most precious stones in the world, priceless and treasured for its beauty and rarity. As the story goes, one of these rare pink diamonds, mysteriously tied to crazy Frank Johnson, is still in the possession of the Johnson family. But is it just a story? Harry's magical powers help unravel the mystery behind the legend of the pink diamond while solving a murder.
For cat lovers everywhere: this cosy mystery takes you into the magical world of Harry the Wondercat, and he is wonderful. Harry and his 'gang' provide great contrast with the humans in this story: Nikki and Heather and the residents of Harrot Reef. Lovely mix of action and descriptions of a snowy winter. Kept me guessing to the last page. I'm looking forward to more adventures with Harry, and Nikki and Heather - and discovering more about the Pink Diamond.
-Anne Rainbow
Can't help but fall in love with Harry!!! 
-Rusti Golias
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