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I grew up in the San Francisco Bay area, where I studied writing. Years later, I moved to a small town in the Gold Country. It was there that Harry came to me.

Harry the Wonder Cat was born many years ago, but his story wasn't known until 2018, when I began writing it. So far, he has given me two books of laughter mixed with mysteries. Harry and his gang of elite cats  bring order to the fishing town of Harrot Reef. Harry and I hope to entertain you when he brings the series to a conclusion.

Harry and I will share pictures of his elite gang from time to time. These cats were submitted to the gang by our follows on Facebook (Harry and His Cat Gang). If you want your cat to be a part of the gang, post his/her picture on Harry's Facebook group  page or send it to Please put 'Harry's Elite Gang 'on the Subject line. Don't forget to tell us who he/she is.

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July 2, 2024

Special Recreation for the  Disabled Day

&.2.24 Disabled.jpeg
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